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Resources for Suzuki Families










Inspired and Effective Practice

What Musicians Can Learn About Practicing from Current Brain Research

Music and the Brain: Invaluable Practice Techniques

The Amazing List of Practice Techniques

Ted Ed: How to Practice More Effectively

Suzuki Websites for Teachers and Parents

Suzuki Triangle

Teach Suzuki Violin

Studio Guillem Calvo on YouTube: Tutorials for Suzuki Repertoire, Techniques, Supplementary Etudes

Violin and Music Websites

The Strad Magazine

IMSLP - Free and printable music - almost anything not under copyright

Music Theory and Musicianship

Music Mind Games

Pre-Twinkle Lucky Dip

Lyrics to Book One Pieces

I Can Read Music Accompaniment Tracks, Lessons 1-20

Slow Tempo

Medium Tempo

Fast Tempo


Practice Games and Charts

Suzuki Practice Charts

Customisable Review Games

Review and Straight Bow Games

Music in



Ownership, Ed Krietman

Important Ideas to Remember in Your Role as Suzuki Parent, Teri Einfeldt


Nurtured By Love, Shinichi Suzuki

Helping Parents Practice, Edmund Sprunger

Ability Development From Age Zero, Shinichi Suzuki

The Talent Code: Greatness Isn’t Born. It’s Grown. Here’s How, Daniel Coyle

Building Violin Skills, Edmund Sprunger

Positive Practice, Christine E. Goodner




Sharron Beamer - Retired Lauderdale Suzuki teacher and Suzuki parent to four now adult children.

Sharron is available to consult about practice difficulties and strategies for making things easier. Sharron has a lifetime of experience as a Suzuki parent and teacher and has been very helpful to parents needing a session or two to discuss their unique stumbling blocks in practice. As a bonus, Sharron has many antidotes about studying with Dr Suzuki in Japan! You can contact Sharron via email. You can also get to know her better through her website.

Kimberley Wong Suzuki teacher and practice consultant offering a support programme for Suzuki parents.

Learn more about Kimberley  via her website "The Practice Parent Tool Kit".


Watch more videos from our Parent Education Series here.

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