2021-2022 Group Programme Fees

First Child
   £202 per term

   £181.80 per term (10% discount for siblings)

Theory Class
   £80 per term

Music and Movement Only, for observers
   £140 per term

You will receive an emailed invoice each term. Fees are due the Friday before half term.

As a member of Lauderdale Suzuki Group you must maintain an active membership in the London Suzuki Group.


Our fixed per-term fee is inclusive of an instrumental group lesson, a musicianship class or an ensemble, and all concerts we produce. There is an additional cost for theory classes and some performances not put on by Lauderdale Suzuki group, such as those put on by the British Suzuki Institute, may charge a fee for concert participation or admission.


Please note that Lauderdale group fees do not include the cost of your individual lessons, music or instrument hire.


You will also need to maintain an annual membership in the London Suzuki Group, which automatically enrols you in the British Suzuki Music Association. These organisations pay some of the cost of our venue hires for concerts and they also put on workshops, concerts and other events that we encourage you to take advantage of.


The London Suzuki Group has a bursary fund that helps to significantly reduce the cost of individual Suzuki lessons for families that qualify. They also offer fee reductions for events throughout the year. For more information please visit their website.

Payment Policies

Please note there is no provision for a reduction of fees if your child only attends repertoire classes. All children are expected to participate in the full programme.

Payments arriving after the term's due date will automatically be assessed a £15 late fee.

We require a full term's notice if you would like to stop attending our group. Please note you will be responsible for a full term's fees from the day you give written notice by email.