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Preparing For Your Suzuki Journey

While you are observing and waiting to begin lessons there are important steps you should take to prepare yourself and your child. We have observed that parents who actively prepare in the following ways find the transition into becoming a Suzuki parent a bit easier, and children who observe and listen to the recordings are extra motivated when it becomes their turn to learn. Most families continue learning in the Suzuki method for a decade or more, so we encourage you to invest time now in preparing for the wonderful journey ahead. 

Required Reading for Parents

It is vital that prospective parents understand the philosophical basis of the teaching method that they have chosen for their child. Therefore we feel that all parents should read "Nurtured by Love" and/or "Ability Development from Age Zero" by Shinichi Suzuki. 


These books can easily be obtained online. You may also find them in your local library or online.


In addition to these books there are many excellent Suzuki websites and online resources available. We've collected some articles and helpful websites here for further reading.

Daily Listening to the Suzuki Recordings 


The most important aspects of the Suzuki philosophy is that music must be internalised before a child learns to play it on their instrument. By the time your child begins to learn any piece in the Suzuki repertoire they should be able to sing it with ease.


Because of this Suzuki children MUST listen to recordings of the Suzuki repertoire everyday. This is more important than any other aspect of learning in the Suzuki method. We cannot stress this enough!


Begin listening to the Suzuki Violin Book One recording as soon as possible, in its entirety, every day. 

​Ideas for Making Listening Every Day Easier

  • Set a reminder to do this or have a set time for listening each day. In addition to helping to musically prepare you and your child for lessons this routine will help establish a daily Suzuki practice.

  • Listen as early as possible each day

  • Download the recording to every device in your home

  • Share the recording or a playlist with your partner, grandparents and carers and ask them to play the recording whenever possible

  • Aim to always have music on in your home and car, including the Suzuki repertoire (Book One as well as later books), other classical music, and any music at all!

  • Take your child to concerts as early and often as possible

  • Explore violinists and other artists on youTube. Our favourites are Hilary Hahn, Augustin Hadelich, Nicola Benedetti, Joshua Bell, Gil Shaham, Tai Murray, Janine Jansen, Itzhak Perlman, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Gil Shaham and of course Dr Suzuki's favourite, Fritz Kreisler. 


The Suzuki recordings can be obtained from the British Suzuki Music Association or online via Amazon Music and iTunes. You may wish to purchase Suzuki Book One with the recording or you can purchase or stream the recordings online. Please get the newest versions of the repertoire - Hilary Hahn (Books 1-3) and Augstin Hadelich (Books 4-6). 


Evaluating Your Week and Beginning a Daily Practice


As a Suzuki parent you will be responsible for establishing a daily Suzuki practice with your child. The first step to this is considering when you will be able to do the practice and listening with your child each day. You will need to prioritise this time above every other extra cirricular activity to ensure you are consistently doing what your teacher asks. This is crucial to the development of skill and self esteem in children as they learn to play the violin.


You can prepare for this together with your child by setting time aside to do something special with your child each day. This could be reading, colouring, gardening, or anything where you and your child spend focused time together. Many parents find that the best option is getting up a bit earlier a doing the practice before school.

We'd also suggest that you do a bit of research into what a Suzuki practice is like and how you can use games to establish the practice, focus your child, and motivate learning. A great place to start is Christine Goodner's website. There are many more resources on our parent page as well. 

Join Music and Movement

Our general musicianship class for beginners meets at to 3.55 each Wednesday before the group repertoire class. We have limited capacity in this class, but if there is space available observers are welcome join this class before beginning lessons. The cost for this class is £150 per term. Please let Amy know if you are interested in joining. 

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