Beginning Individual  Lessons


Once you have completed the required term of observation we offer prospective families places with individual teachers based on a combination of factors.

  • Readiness for lessons - Can your child sit quietly through the group class? Are they trying out some of the games in the class and participating when invited? Do they seem interested? Do they already know some of the repertoire well enough to sing it?

  • Age - Although many three year olds learn in our programme, we try to place older children with teachers first.

  • How long you have been observing

  • Location - Where possible we try to connect families with teachers that live close to them or their school.

Offer of a Individual Lesson Time with a Qualified Suzuki Violin Teacher

Miks Silis is the coordinator for prospective families observing at Lauderdale House. After the end of each term, he will refer to the register and contact families who have observed the required number of sessions during the previous term.

Please be aware that although a term of lesson observation is the minimum requirement for observation families often observe much longer because of the high demand for available private lesson slots. When a lesson time does become available, it might not be one that will suit you best and it may mean taking your child out of school for a while or re-arranging your schedule so that your lesson is the priority activity for your child each week.


Because many teachers teach 40 or more students per week it is impossible to give everyone a lesson at the most popular times such as just after school, therefore we advise you to take the time offered or it may be impossible to arrange lessons for your child.

If you have a request for a particular teacher please do let Mallory know. We cannot guarantee that teacher will have a space available, but when possible we do take requests into consideration.


Please bring your questions along to the parent education sessions offered each term.

The teachers are very busy on Wednesday afternoons and unfortunately do not have enough time to answer all your questions. We encourage you to speak to parents in our group, either at the Lauderdale House Cafe or in classes, some of whom have been involved in the Suzuki Method for many years, who will be very willing to answer your questions and tell you about their experiences!


If you have any questions for our teachers please contact Mallory Hamm, the Lauderdale administrator, who will be happy to pass your question on.