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Observation of Group Lessons
The First Stage of Learning at Lauderdale

Observation of group lessons is the beginning of your Suzuki journey with your child. We require all new families to observe group classes for a minimum of 10 weeks. 

Observation of groups and individual lessons is the best way for you to find out about the method and what your role as a parent would be.
Through observation you'll gain insight into the Suzuki method and have the opportunity to speak with other parents who have begun learning with us. Your child will begin to absorb some of the beginning concepts and understand how the group classes work so that when they eventually join the class they'll feel comfortable. It also allows us to assess if your child is ready to begin learning with us.

Observation of group classes is free for everyone and you can observe as long as you like. Our beginner's group is taught by Mallory Gildersleeve and meets in the Upper Gallery from 4pm-4:35. Please note that once enrolled in our programme you will need to be able to be at Lauderdale House for two classes, beginning at 3.55 and ending at 5.30 pm.

Observation is equally important for parents and children, and so we ask that the intended practice parent attend observations and group lessons for at least the first year. 
Parents should use observation time to gain a better understanding of the concepts taught but also how the teacher approaches the lesson to gain insight into how to create a positive and effective practice environment at home. 

You are welcome to observe any group class as often as you like and there is no charge. Observing other groups is a very good way to get to know our teachers so that when you are offered individual lessons you might know who you feel is a good fit for you and your child. You can view the class timetable here.

We wish to stress that the Suzuki method is NOT a group teaching method and all children must learn with a Suzuki trained teacher. Each child has weekly individual lessons (usually at their teacher's house) and these are supplemented by the group lesson and musicianship classes at Lauderdale. You may also wish to observe individual lessons with a teacher, which can be arranged directly with the teacher.

One of our teachers, Saskia, is the observer coordinator. If you would like to observe or would like more information please fill in the contact form. To register for observation please fill out the observer's registration form here.

Please be aware that w
e often have a lengthy waiting list for individual teachers and many families have observed for much longer than 10 weeks before being offered a place with a private teacher. We do our best to help connect families with teachers as soon as possible, but there is extremely high demand for Suzuki teachers in North London. We advise that once a place is offered to you that you prioritise your lesson time above other activities. 


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