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Amy began playing the violin at age five, learning in her primary school Suzuki programme. It was quickly apparent that Amy had a passion for music and so at age nine she went on to study chamber music in an intensive string quartet programme at the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Amy's early experiences with music eventually led her to attend the College-Conservatory of Music to train as an orchestral musician, where she studied with Masao Kawasaki and Dr. Catharine Carroll. Later, while working in the United States, Amy played in professional orchestras but found herself gravitating toward teaching children.

Remembering the positive start that the Suzuki method gave her, and knowing that she wanted to work with families, Amy began training and teaching as a Suzuki teacher in 2010. Now a full time Suzuki teacher, Amy is fascinated with how the brain works when learning music, and enjoys being a part of the vibrant Suzuki community in London.

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