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Solo Soirée Evening

15 March 2023 @ Lauderdale House

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There are no regular classes on 15 March.

Theory students taking exams soon have been notified of special circumstances for the evening.


There is a tube strike planned for 15 March. Please arrive as early as possible but know we are aware that some of you may arrive later than you would like.


There are five different soirées this evening, each with a teacher managing the concert on the day:


Soirée 1 - 4.30, Lower Gallery, Saskia & Clare

Performers arrive @ 4.10


Soirée 2 - 4.30, Conservatory, Mallory & Yuko

Performers arrive @ 4.10


Soirée 3 - 4:30, Upper Gallery, Jane & Saoko

Performers arrive @ 4.10


Soirée 4 - 5.45, Upper Gallery, Alison & Saoko

Performers arrive @ 5.30

Soirée 5 - 5.45, Lower Gallery, Miks & Yuko

Performers arrive @ 5.30

Concert dress for students: Concert attire of choice, something a bit formal


Preparing for the performance:

  • Listen to your recording a bit more than usual

  • Perform for family, friends, and even stuffed animals. Make sure to bow, get ready well, listen for the introduction or cue the pianist and be still after the last note of the piece before taking a final bow.

  • Book 1 children will all have piano introductions. There are no spoken introductions, there will be a programme.

  • You may request an introduction for pieces in Books 2+ but this needs to be made clear to the pianist. Otherwise, practice breathing and cueing to start your piece.


Bring piano parts for non-Suzuki pieces (bound, no loose pages) on the day unless other arrangements have been made with the pianist.


Receptions to follow the Soirées, in the Conservatory

After the soirees, there will be a reception in the combined Conservatory. Please join us and bring something to share:


Surname beginning .........   Please bring

A-F...........     A drink 

G-P............    Healthy snack (cheese, crackers, fruit, etc.)

Q-Z..........    Sweet or savory 


Please do not bring anything containing nuts as we have children with nut allergies.


If you can bring something nut-free, dairy-free, or gluten-free that is appreciated. If you could please label it as such that would be very helpful to those who may have intolerances. We will provide cups, napkins, plates and forks.

Unsure of which concert your child is in?

Please read the email sent to you on 8 February with your concert assignment.

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