Autumn Term Concerts

Annual Amadeus Concert Day

Sunday, 29 November 2020

Amadeus Centre

50 Shirland Rd, London W9 2JA




Parents please keep the entire

day free until further notice!

Some children are involved in

both concerts. More information

available soon.

2021 Performance Dates

Spring/Summer - BSI Graduation Concerts

Children who have submitted a book graduation through their teacher

Spring - LSG Groups Festival Concerts

Blue, Green, and Purple Groups and older siblings

May - North London Music Festival

Pink and Yellow Groups and older siblings

March-June - Spring and Summer Soiree Concerts

Purple, Silver, Gold and Amber Groups

June - Ensemble Concert Day

All Ensembles and Orchestra at Lauderdale House

Participation in group performances is an important component of learning with us. Performing as a group is very motivating for children of all levels and parents. We encourage you to attend concerts regularly, even those your children may not be involved in. 

Friends, family and observers are welcome to attend our group concerts. The cost of producing and attending concerts produced by Lauderdale Suzuki Group is included in your yearly fees and London Suzuki Group membership, and there is no additional cost to attend. Please note however that there may be fees for concerts put on by other groups.


Group classes take place at

Lauderdale House

Waterlow Park, Highgate Hill, London N6 5HG

Theory classes take place at
The Highgate Society Hall, 10a South Grove, Highgate N6 6BS

This group is part of the London Suzuki Group (LSG). The pupils that we have as private students are expected to attend these group lesson and to maintain active membership in the London Suzuki Group and British Suzuki Institute

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