2021-2022 Events

The BSMA and LSG produce workshops, concerts and other events throughout the year that our parents and students enjoy participating. Please visit their websites to learn more.

27 March: Strings Concert at Cadogan Hall

30 April: North London Music Festival
            Includes children in Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Clarke Groups

Spring and Summer Soirees at St. Michael's Church, Highgate:
             30 March:  Joplin and Marsalis Groups
             18 May: Marsalis and Tower Groups
             25 May: Joplin and Beach Groups
             15 June: Adams and Elgar Groups
22 June: Ensemble Showcase

29 June: Extra Day with Alumni Play Together



Participation in group performances is an important component of learning with us. Performing as a group is very motivating for children. We encourage you to attend concerts regularly, even those your children may not be involved in. 

Friends, family and observers are welcome to attend our group concerts. The cost of producing and attending concerts produced by Lauderdale Suzuki Group is included in your yearly fees and London Suzuki Group membership, and there is no additional cost to attend. Please note however that there may be fees for concerts put on by other groups.