2020-2021 COVID Reopening Plan

Last Updated: 15 April 2021


This plan is to ensure we are following government guidelines and being as socially responsible as possible as we return to live groups. We will re-evaluate this plan frequently and make any adjustments as needed. 


This plan takes into account government guidelines, venue requirements, and feedback from both employees and parents in the Lauderdale Suzuki Group.


Provisions in place to reduce the number of people in Lauderdale House:


  • No live observers - Observation to be continued online, with check-in done through a weekly observation form available through the website

  • Only one parent/carer per child


Classes available online via YouTube (to be reevaluated after the start of the term)

  • Teachers will email a private link to those absent from their classes

  • If you suspect you or a member of your household may be ill in any way, please do not attend live classes at Lauderdale House, but do view the recorded class online


Provisions in place to reduce interaction between families and the spread of germs


  • A member of our staff will clean commonly touched surfaces (door handles, tables, etc.)

  •  If you or a member of your household has symptoms of COVID, or you have any reason to suspect you may have been in contact with someone with COVID you must not attend live classes

  • Any person displaying COVID symptoms will be asked to leave immediately after which a thorough cleaning will take place

  • Anyone with symptoms will be asked not to return for 14 days or after having a COVID test yielding a negative response

  • All parents and carers to wear masks in the building

  • Teachers to wear masks except when teaching


Social distancing in place 

  • Place markers on the floor for children in groups to ensure distancing

  • Parents need to wear masks and observe the 2 m distancing rule where possible, with a minimum of 1 m at all times


Direct access to classroom spaces from outside, where possible so that there is a separation of rooms

  • Each classroom has a designated entrance and exit route

  • Use outdoor routes between classrooms whenever possible

  • Please bring umbrellas and wear appropriate clothing during rainy and colder weather so that you can be comfortable outside of the building


Hand sanitiser available in all classrooms. Everyone is required to use hand sanitiser when entering and exiting the classroom and to wash hands frequently.



  • We will only be using the suite of toilets near the lift. Please do not use the cafe toilets.

  • Please maintain socially distancing when cueing for the toilets.



All doors and windows that can be opened will be opened before and during class time to increase ventilation. Windows in the upper gallery will be opened at the top to ensure children can not fall.



All children must be accompanied by an adult in the cafe at all times and parents and children must observe social distancing guidelines.


Music Stands

Please bring your own music stand for use during orchestras and ensembles. If this will be difficult please let your teacher know so special arrangements can be made.

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