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Ensembles Concert
25 January

Wednesday, 25 January, 6.15 pm

Entrance Hall & Lower Gallery


There is no special dress required for this concert.

Children must bring their music.

Changes to the regular timetable:

There are no changes in the first two sessions or to theory.


All third session classes will end early at 6 pm. Orchestra, Mallory’s Jansen Group, Amy’s Kreisler Group, Mona’s Romantic Ensemble, Harriet’s Classical Ensemble


No Paganini, Heifitz or Hadelich Groups

Children should leave their cases and coats in their third session spaces rather than taking them to the concert, and collect them after the concert.


  • Jansen - leave cases near the piano and in the alcoves in the Lower Gallery.

  • Classical - leave cases at the far end of the Entrance Hall, where you have class. 


Concert begins at 6:15 pm: Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic Groups Performing. Orchestra as Audience.

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