COVID Safety Measures

Parents, please read the following measures thoroughly before our first week of classes, and check back here for any updates in the future. So that we are all kept healthy and safe, we ask you to be vigilant in following these measures with your children. Parents please share these measures with your any carer or family member who may attend Lauderdale with your child this term.

Download and read the full safety measures for Lauderdale House here.

Download and read the full safety measures for Highgate Society Hall here.


Key Points:

The start date for this term is now 16 September. The June 30 extra day will take the place of 9 September, with a full programme that day.


We will run a reduced live programme with fewer classes offered and post recordings of live repertoire groups online for those not comfortable joining in person.

  • All repertoire groups will run live in person each week at Lauderdale House with safety measures in place

  • Your group teacher will email you each week with a private link to watch the class online and follow along with your violin if you do not wish to attend in person at this time

  • Sumics (now called Music and Movement, M&M), Music Mind Games (MMG) and Ensembles 1-5 will not meet this term, with the hope we can add these classes back in January. If you would have been in these classes you will receive a discount of £60 for the term on your invoice.

  • Theory, orchestra, and Ensembles 6 and 7 will meet live this term, but without parents in attendance

Measures to reduce the spread of germs at Lauderdale House and keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.

  • All parents and carers to wear masks while in Lauderdale House

  • Social distancing measures in place

  • Fewer people in the building at a time, with less interaction of groups

    • One parent/carer per child

    • Fewer classes offered, resulting in fewer people in the building

    • Observers to observe online rather than in person

  • A one-way system throughout the building with entry to classrooms from the outside, so that we have separation of three large classroom spaces, with far less interaction between families whilst in the building.

  • COVID officers will help to enforce safety measures

  • Hand sanitiser available in all classrooms, and hand washing or sanitiser use required at the start and finish of every class

  • Increased ventilation through open doors and windows